Capitaline Ventures is a group of Self Storage & Multi-Family Developers with a drive in assisting cities, building properties, and helping investors reach their real estate goals.

We love to focus on projects dealing with infill, redevelopment, and urban renewal opportunities. We like to take areas in a city that are either vacant, distressed, abandoned or underutilized and revitalize them through redevelopment.


Meet Our Team

Skyler Hartman
Skyler HartmanCEO
Skyler, the esteemed CEO of Capitaline Ventures, leverages industry experience and deep understanding of self-storage to lead in asset management and development. His visionary leadership drives lucrative projects, delivering exceptional returns for investors with unwavering commitment to excellence and high-quality execution.
Amy Johnson
Amy JohnsonFundraising and Syndication Manager
Amy Johnson, our strategic partner from Y Street Capital, is a highly accomplished and experienced leader in the Utah real estate industry. With an impressive track record, she has developed extensive self-storage facilities, residential units, and rehabilitated apartments. Amy excels in coordinating funding, raising capital, and creating successful partnerships.
William Huddleston
William HuddlestonAcquisitions and Underwriting Specialist
William is our Acquisition and Underwriting Specialist at Capitaline Ventures. With meticulous due diligence and astute financial analysis skills, he identifies profitable properties and drives maximum returns. His expertise has significantly expanded our portfolio of self-storage facilities, contributing to our ongoing success and growth.
Briell Huddleston
Briell HuddlestonProject Manager
Briell manages the development process from start to finish, ensuring timely and high-quality project delivery. Her adept project management skills and collaborative approach foster strong relationships with contractors and vendors, facilitating smooth coordination and execution.

Our Philosophy

We believe in assisting cities, building properties, and helping investors reach their real estate goals. With 13 years of experience in the real estate industry, we are able to quickly source cities, properties, and individuals with high value and potential.


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